Social Scholarship

Basic funding

1. What is a basic funding and who can get it?
The basic funding is a one-time payment available to students enrolling for the first time in a bachelor, master or diploma course.

2. If I start with a passive semester, when do I have to apply for the basic funding?
Funding must be applied for when you enroll for your first active semester.

3. If I start my second Master’s degree but did not apply for a basic funding for my first, am I now eligible?
No, because the basic subsidy can only be awarded to students enrolled for the first time at the level of the course.

4. Where can I find the current call for applications for the basic grant?
The current call for applications can be found on the EHK website ( or on the University of Technology’s unified application and evaluation system (MŰEPER).

Regular social scholarship

1. Where can I find the current call for applications for social scholarships?
The current call for applications can be found on the EHK website ( or on the University of Technology’s unified application and evaluation system (MŰEPER).

2. How can I calculate how many points I will get?
The points system for regular social assistance can be found in Annex 1 of the Chancellor’s Instructions, which can be found on the EHK website (

3. Can I get a regular socialfunding for a fee/self-financed course?
Students who have started their training in a state-funded/state-supported course and have been reclassified to a fee-based/self-financed course, but are still within the period of support (training period + 2 semesters) based on the number of active semesters, may receive regular social support.

4. What are the categories of deprivation?
There are two categories of need, for which the minimum scholarship amount is regulated by law, if the applicant’s score reaches the minimum threshold set during the assessment.
A student is in category I (min. aid: HUF 33 320)) if:

  • has a large family
  • orphan
  • disabled
  • in need because of their state of health
  • severely disadvantaged
  • breadwinner

The student falls into category II (min. grant: HUF 16 600) if:

  • half orphaned
  • disadvantaged
  • his/her guardianship was terminated because he reached the age of adulthood

5. I have a question about the documents to be obtained, where can I ask?
You can contact the Social Affairs Officer or the Social Affairs Committee with your question at

6. At what point should I apply for social assistance?
The application does not have a fixed minimum threshold, it varies every semester depending on the number of applications and the number of points.

7. Who counts as a breadwinner?
Anyone who is not a dependent or a self-supporting applicant.

8. Who counts as a dependent?
Any person under the age of 25 who is not yet at school age or in any full-time public or higher education institution is considered a student dependent. Alternatively, a dependent who is not a pupil, is in receipt of a care allowance, has a serious disability or long-term illness, or is under a
ward/guardian counts as a non-student dependent.

9. Do I automatically get a social scholarship if I have a large family?
No, only if your regular social assistance application reaches the current semester point limit.

10. How much is the regular social scholarship?
According to the legislation, the amount of the regular social scholarship is 5% of the student’s normative allowance (8 300 HUF), the minimum support for those in category I is 20% of the student’s normative allowance (33 320 HUF), while the minimum support for those in category II is 10% of the student’s normative allowance (16 600 HUF).

11. If I don’t present my papers in person, can my scholarship be accepted?
The application is valid only if all the documents requested by the MŰEPER or the referee have been presented in person (except for a few certificates). If the point of the social application has been taken into account for the allocation of a place in a hall of residence, but the application is invalid, the place may be lost.


1. The certificate for persons living in the same household only shows the number of persons living there, is this certificate acceptable?

If the office does not issue the document with names and dates of birth, a statement of the address cards of all persons on the certificate and a copy of the address pages of the address cards must be presented in person, together with the certificate of persons living in the same household.

2. My brother is registered with us, but technically he is on a separate register. How can I prove this?
You can prove this by presenting a certificate not more than 2 years old from a notary.

3. How is unemployment certified?
A bank statement is required for all residential bank accounts of the person concerned, if the person does not have a residential bank statement or the jobseeker’s allowance is not paid into the bank account, a certificate from the District Office on the jobseeker’s application or, in the case of a registered jobseeker, on the amount/termination of the jobseeker’s allowance is required.

4. My parents are living separately, how can I prove it?
The persons who are listed on the certificate of persons living in the same household will be verified. If a person who is not actually a member of the household is also listed on the certificate of household members, this fact must be certified by a notary.

5. Where can I obtain the “Contractor Data Sheet” requested by the system?
After filling in the details of the business, the form is automatically generated by the MŰEPER, which must be printed, signed and uploaded again.

6. Do I need to resubmit the same certificates as last semester?
Yes, all documents for the autumn semester must be dated on or after 1 July of that year (there are a few exceptions, e.g. birth certificates, resolutions, etc., see the full list in the Certificate List.)

7. I have obtained my certificates from abroad, do I need to translate them?
Yes, a translation is definitely required, but it does not have to be done by an official translation agency.

8. My brother’s school is not open in the summer, so I cannot ask for a school attendance certificate. Can a copy of the annual report be accepted instead?
If the school cannot issue a certificate of attendance in any way, a declaration signed by two witnesses that the brother or sister attended full-time education in the previous semester is required. In such a case, you should always contact the social referee.

Emergency social support

1. Can I submit an application at any time during the semester?
Anytime, when the event is justified and it happened within half a year.

2. Because of what can I apply for it?
An unexpected event that negatively affects the household’s financial situation (e.g. death, job loss, birth, illness)

3. In total, how many times can I submit such an application in a semester?
As often as justified.