Eugene Wigner College of Advanced Studies

The Eugene Wigner College of Advanced Studies is a college of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at BUTE. It was founded by enthusiastic students of physics and mathematics in spring of 2011 so it is one of the youngest at the University.

Our main goal is to take motivated students under the wing of the College by professional and public life, giving extra experiences during their student years, and create a great community. Everyone is welcome who would like to know more about interesting branches of physics and mathematics taken up with sciences beyond the lectures, and want to meet interesting people. Our aim is to perform these sciences and their borderlines in the most interesting way balancing the theoretical and the experimental stream too.

The College provides a variety of programs such as courses and seminars, and research seminars of different topics. We organize seminars of problem-solving and programming and there are groups constructing demonstrational tools and organizing courses of electronics. Further information can be found at the website of the College. Our responsibility is the organisation of the competition in physics at BUTE where all of the University students are welcome.

Naturally we have social programs too, and we consider the importance of the good community of our members. As occasion offers we come together for dinners, bicycle tours, conversations, playing board games and so on.

Our main programs:

  • Lectures, seminars and research seminars
  • The week of the faculty (called Szakhét)
  • Experimental Circle (different projects, courses)
  • Competition in physics
  • Hikings
  • Dinners
  • Playing

We welcome the checking of international students as well to the College. More information can be found at our website: or, our Facebook or You Tube site: Wigner Jenő Szakkollégium. Contact us email: or Facebook.


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