Just like in all Hungarian institutes of higher education, BUTE also has its Student Body (Hallgatói Önkormányzat, HÖK), defined by the National Laws For Higher Education (Nemzeti Felsőoktatási törvény, Nftv.), whose purpose is to help students practice their autonomy. The entire organization consists of 8 smaller Student Bodies, one for every faculty at the University. The managing organizations of the Student Bodies are Students’ Unions (Hallgatói Képviselet, HK), who practice most of the rights given by the Nftv.

At the Faculty of Natural Sciences (Természettudományi Kar, TTK), the Students’ Union has its representatives chosen every spring. Anybody studying at the faculty can apply, and the 12 most-voted applicants will become members of the Union with a mandate. Beside them, the HK also has members with deliberative rights, a total of 8 at maximum. The Students’ Union’s tasks include representing the interest of students in the circles of institutional and higher leadership, guidance with regards to one’s studies, social counseling, managing scholarships and organizing community events (Freshman camp, Freshman ball).

Posts in the HK

HK president

Ever since 2017, the Union annually opens applications for president of the HK, to which any student in a TTK Bachelor’s or Master’s program can apply. The president’s tasks include conducting meetings, representing the faculty on forums, keeping contact with the leadership of the faculty and directing the HK.

Vice president(s)

The main tasks of the vice president(s) include helping the president throughout their work, practicing an absent president’s rights and coordinating the supply and training of newer HK-members.

EHK delegates

The delegates’ tasks include keeping daily contact with the University Students’ Union (Egyetemi Hallgatói Képviselet, EHK) and keeping the HK of the faculty up to date about events that occur at the University, about their participation at outer committees, or even about things said during senate meetings.

Economic officer

The economic officer is responsible for economic matters of the HK, overseeing and controlling the flow of resources, and making suggestions – among others – to yearly budget plans. Alongside all this, they are the leader of the economic committee.

Educational officer

The educational officer monitors changes in different documents’ (TVSZ, TÜR, etc.) regarding educational matters, and reports these during HK meetings. They are the ones to keep contact with the Deputy Dean of Education, and with instructors and professors at the faculty. They are the ones to create the calendars for performance evaluation during the semester and for end-of-semester exams. Alongside this, they partake in the EHK’s Outer Educational Committee, and they are the leader of the HK’s educational committee, where they work together with commissioners from all major’s all grades. Alongside these tasks, they make suggestions on HK meetings about educational matters, watch over the curriculum and preliminary study order of majors and – in case of need – ask for the change of them at the forums intended for such inquiries.

Event manager

The event manager’s tasks include organizing official programs of the HK (Registration week, Freshman ball, Freshman camp, etc.) and forming faculty traditions. Alongside this, they are the leader of the Events committee.

Scholarship officer

The scholarship officer creates scholarship applications, forwards them towards the Directorate of Student Services (Hallgatói Szolgáltatási Igazgatóság, HSZI), assesses the recieved documents, puts forward the results to the HK, and writes the needed documentiation for processing the applications. Alongside this they make proposals for the distribution of study scholarships and normative budget. They are the leader of the Scholarships Committee.

Social matters officier

The social matters officer oversees the social and basic support scholarship applications’ changes, they are the main reviewer of such applications at the faculty. They lead the Social Matters Committee. where their main task is preparing and overseeing social support application reviewers. They keep contact with BUTE’s Equal Opportunities Committee (Esélyegyenlőségi Bizottság).

Dormitory matters officer

The dormatory matters officer organizes moving of the students in and out of dormatories, makes proposals for the principles of allocation for students and dormatory improvements. They are the head of the Dormatory Matters Committee.

IT manager

The IT manager’s task is taking care of electronic office equipment in the HK office, occasional repair of such equipment, making development plans, and creating and managing mailing lists.

Memorandum manager

The memorandum manager documents the meetings of the HK.

Faculty newspaper manager

The faculty newspaper manager keeps contact with the newspaper’s leadership and publisher. Alongside this, with the proposal of the PikkÁsz’s editor-in-chief, creates the proposal for the Newspaper Scholarship’s distribution, and submits this to the HK.

Sports officer

The sports officer is the leader of the Students’ Sports Club (Hallgatói Sportkör, HSK), partakes in the work of the Students’ Sports Committee (Hallgatói Sport Bizottság, HSB), they are the main organizer of the faculty sports day, and maintain the sport life of the faculty’s students.

Foreign affairs officier

The foreign affairs officer informs students of study opportunities abroad. Alongside this, they partake in ERASMUS+ application: they promote it, oversee the faculty’s scoring system, and help in reviewing the recieved documents.

Community matters officier

The community matters officer keeps contact with the self-active circles and college for advanced studies, informs them of opportunities, news and helps them in all things relevant. When reviewing scholarship applications for the self-active circles, they help the leaders with coming up with the scoring system, and organize a meeting with the circles every semester.

PR officer

The HK’s PR officer informs the faculty’s students about information regarding their studies, community and public life, and other matters through various means. They make proposals towards the HK about the HK’s image, organizing the HK’s PR activities, development and carryout of these plans. They are the leader of the PR Committee.

HK secretary

The HK’s secretary is responsible for registration, forwarding and storage of the incoming and outgoing documents, partakes in printing and photocopying the necessary official documents, and takes care of the tools and devices needed for peaceful daily business.