Committees of TTK HK

The committees of the TTK HK help the officers responsible for given areas of work.

Economic Committee

The Economic Committee’s task and range of responsibility is the same as the economic officer’s. Its leader is the economic officer, and only members of the HK can join the committee. At least once a year, the committee holds a meeting. Its main task during the meeting is creating and discussing the yearly budget plan of the HK. Other tasks include making budget plans for events, making subsidy plans for self-active circles, the college for advanced studies, and making proposals for using the sports normative budget.

Educational Committee

The leader of the Educational Committee is the educational officer. The committee consists of selected members of the HK and commissioners from all grades and specializations of all majors, who are selected through application by the HK. Their tasks include helping the educational officer, collecting problems with education in their grade or specialization, and communicating between the students there and the HK. Work done in the Educational Committee is rewarded by the HK through a scholarship.

Dormitory Matters Committee

The Dormitory Matters Committee’s leader is the dormitory matters officer of the HK. Only HK members can join the committee, whose tasks include making proposals towards the principles of allocation of students, the room allocation plan for students, making improvements to the dormitory, consulting with the HSZI’s Students and Dormitory Benefits Department (Hallgatói és Kollégiumi Juttatások Osztály) and with the Operating Body about the designated dates of moving in and out. They conduct hearings with applicants for dormitory mentors, and propose applicants for these posts. They review the KFSZ each semester and propose modifications for it, and help the EHK’s Outer Dormitory Committee’s work with review.

Scholarships Committee

The Scholarships Committee is led by the scholarship officer of the HK. Its members can only be members chosen by the HK. The committee’s tasks include reviewing the TJSZ, tracking changes in it, and proposing improvements towards the EHK. Alongside this, they make proposals for the principles of the distribution of study scholarships, assess other scholarship applications and they document the end result
of such application processes as well.

Social Matters Committee

The Social Matters Committee’s leader is the HK’s social matters officer. Just like for HK members, students vote for who can become members of this committee every spring. The social matters officer and other members of the committee – who all take an exam to ensure they are prepared for the task – review the social support and scholarship applications received. Alongside this, they review the rules regulating these applications (TJSZ 3. sz. melléklet). Alongside this, the committee’s members provide help and information about the faculty’s students regarding social support (e.x. extraordinary social support applications, reducing cost of self-funded training on the basis of social status). Reviewing applications in the social matters committee is rewarded with scholarship by the EHK every semester, after the social scholarship reviewing period has ended. Other work done in the social matters committee is rewarded by the HK through the Students’ Union Scholarship.

PR Committee

The head of the PR Committee is the HK’s PR officer. Any student of the faculty can join the committee, when the HK opens application for it. The committee’s tasks include informing students regarding educational, communal and other matters and publishing the „WC Press” every two weeks, which consists of short news and some entertainment articles. You can find it in the bathrooms of TTK-related buildings on campus and in the Kármán Tódor College. Work done in the PR Committee is rewarded by the HK through a scholarship.

Events Committee

The Events Committee’s head is the HK’s event manager. Any student on the faculty can join the committee, when the HK opens application for it. Being a member lasts until the HK’s next inagural meeting or until being recalled. The committee’s tasks include planning out the KHÖK’s programs for the semester and organizing events of the faculty, like the Registrational Week, Faculty Days, Freshman Ball, Freshman Camp and Faculty Camp. Work in the Events Committee is rewarded by the HK through a scholarship.

KHÖK: Kari Hallgatói Önkormányzat – Faculty Student Body
EHK: Egyetemi Hallgatói Képviselet – University Students’ Union
TJSZ: Térítési és Juttatási Szabályzat – Reimbursement and Benefit Regulations
HSZI: Hallgatói Szolgáltatási Igazgatóság – Student Services Directorate