Can I get a place in the drom if my permanent address is in Budapest?

I am on a self-paid degree, can I get a place in the dorm?
Yes, but in this case you will have to pay double the dormitory fee. For more details, see Annex 1 of
the TJSz.

Can I get a place in the dorm if I am in part-time degree?
No, dormitory places are only available to full-time BME students.

Can I get a place in the dorm if I am on a passive semester?
No, dormitory places are only available to BME students who are active students.

Can I apply to the dorm if I have overdue debts?
You can submit your application, but you will not be able to move in unless you are an active student at the University.

Where and when can I apply to the dorm?
The application is made through the College Unified Admission and Information System (KEFIR). More detailed information on the dates will be made available through our information channels in advance of the current period.

Where to register for a waiting list?
To register for the waiting list, send an e-mail to

I have not received a confirmation email that I have submitted my application. What should I do?
First check your application in KEFIR to see if it has been finalized. If yes, please send an e-mail to

What is KEFIR?
College Unified Admission and Information System ( KEFIR is a web-based platform that simplifies the transfer of information between students and the HK, and students can also submit their applications and appeals via the KEFIR.

When I submit my application, KEFIR says that my application form is incomplete, why is this?
You probably do not have an ID picture uploaded to your profile. ID photos are approved by the faculty admin.

Scoring system, averages

I am a first semester MSc student, how are we assigned to places?
First semester MSc students are allocated places based on their admission score.

Which average is used for college applications?
They look at the adjusted credit index of the last two active semesters completed domestically. If you have only one such semester, then only the results of that semester.

What is the average to get a place in the dorm? What is the usual cut-off point?
The threshold for admission varies each semester, depending on the averages and the number of points obtained by applicants.

Which semesters count towards my admission score?
The adjusted credit index of the last two active semesters completed domestically counts. If you have only one such semester, only the results of that semester. In this case, you must submit your application with one semester completed.

I have received a disciplinary point before, does it count for my current application?
Disciplinary points not older than 1 year will be deducted from the admission score, so each disciplinary penalty will penalize 2 applications. In the case of a reprimand, 10% of the maximum points available in the category will be deducted, in the case of a severe reprimand 25%. In the case of a suspension, the student will not be allocated a place in the dorm.

Social Application to dorm

From how many points do social points count towards the application for a place in the dorm?
The minimum number of points that will be taken into account for the social application for a dormitory placement is the minimum number of points of the previous semester’s application.

Should I submit a social application even if I am sure I will score low?
Yes, it is definitely worth it in the first semester, as most of the first semester applicants are placed in a dormitory on a social basis, so even a one-point application can get you into the dorm.

Where to submit your social application?
Social applications must be submitted in the University of Technology’s Unified Application and Evaluation System (MŰEPER).

I submitted a social application, but the result was a negative number. Will my application for a place be deducted?
No, it will be 0 points, so only your academic and community scores will be taken into account.

Dormitory fees

Do all dorms cost the same?
No, the fees vary from dorm to dorm.

What happens, if I don’t pay the dormitory fee in time?
If this is the case, you will be charged a special procedure fee in Neptun, you will not be able to register for an active semester and you will not be able to take your courses.

Moving informations

Can I live in any BME dormitory?
In principle, TTK students will be accommodated in the Kármán Tódor Dormitory, but it is possible to stay in any BME dormitory upon request and prior arrangement.

Can I move in at a different time than the advertised dates?
Yes, by prior arrangement, but only later than the earliest move-in date.

Can I move out later?
If the student fails to move out of their room by the deadline, they will be evicted.

Can I move to another room during half term?
Yes, if there is a vacancy in the room or if one of the students moves out or moves in.

I want to withdraw from the dorm in mid-term, what are the consequences?
The student must move out of the dormitory by the given deadline and pay the dormitory fee for the remaining time of the semester (or a maximum of two months). In such a case, the student will only be admitted from the waiting list for the next term.

If more than one person has applied for the same room, what is the basis for deciding who gets it?
Priority in moving to a room is given to those who were assigned to that room in the semester prior to the current semester.

Can somebody help me move in and pack?
Yes, they can. Tell the receptionist that you want to bring in a helper and they will let them in through the swing gate.

If I move in or out, do I have to declare the dormitory as my place of residence?
Yes! You have a reporting obligation, which you must fulfil within 3 working days. When you move in, you must ask the caretaker at the caretaker’s office for an address application form, fill it in and take it to a document office to apply for a new address card. Failure to do so will result in a dormatory penalty point at the first room check.

Dormitory services

What do I need to use the internet in college?
When moving in, be sure to bring a UTP cable with you, because in the rooms there are only wall sockets. A 2 meters long should be sufficient.

How can I have a guest? Can you he/she overnight?
You can apply for a day or night guest card at the reception desk of the dormitory, the latter also allows you to stay overnight.

Can I bring in a computer, monitor, what do I need for them?
Yes, and nothing is needed.

Can I bring in a fridge, microwave, kettle, furniture, etc.?
Yes, but you need a permit, which you can get from the caretaker.

What happens if I accidentally cause a fire alarm?
Go down to the reception and report it in person! Causing a fire alarm will result in 5 disciplinary points for the offender and may result in a disciplinary hearing. In the event of a false fire alarm, the student, if at fault, will be charged the “extraordinary” system review fee. This review is required by the National Fire Safety Code.

Other problems

I have lost/forgotten my access card. Who should I report this to and what are the financial implications?
You must register at the college reception and pay a separate fee.

Can I rearrange my room? Can I put up mosquito nets?
Rooms can be rearranged in the KTK, as long as all the furnishings remain in the room. On moving out, the room must be returned in its standard condition. Mosquito nets may be fitted to the window provided that the fixing does not leave any permanent marks or, if removed during external washing, the fitted net must be removed on check-out.

Something is wrong in the room, who should I tell?
For dormitory caretakers.

What should I do if I cannot log in to KEFIR?
Send an e-mail to!